Led Value Engineering Project

Led Value Engineering Project for Flow Sharing Valve

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Fig 1: Flow Sharing Cross Section

Scope creep during development of an OEM flow sharing directional valve had put us in a negative margin position-losing over $3,000,000 per year. The division VP was tasked with identifying and realizing $4,000,000 in cost savings.

As part of that effort I was selected to head up a 2p/3p (value engineering) cost reduction project.


As part of the pre-work phase, we conducted a cost-function-value analysis to identify the design elements likely to yield cost savings.

A cross functional team was selected and a three day 2p/3p lock-in was conducted. During the lock-in, each design element was de-synthesized into functional pair and design alternatives for each were developed. Finally the the best design alternatives were re-synthesized into a new design concept.

Fig 2: In Scope Design Elements


Over $750,000 in cost savings were identified. Primarily in the seal plate and pressure plug design elements. The spring centering mechanism, initially thought to be a rich target for cost reduction proved to be high value.