Designed High Pressure Solenoid

Designed High Pressure Solenoid

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Fig 1: High Pressure Solenoid


Top management at my employer determined that future growth would largely be driven by the electro-hydraulic segment of the market. We were poorly positioned in this segment and had purchased a third party solenoid to gain entry.

The problem was that the supplier had chronic delivery and quality problems which was damaging our credibility in the market. Management decided that development of our own switching and proportional solenoids was critical and had to be given high priority.


To meet the force requirements, the design could not be a typical conical face design. It had to be quasi-proportional. The difficulty was that infill brazed designs would not meet the pressure requirements and we did not have the space to use an over-tube approach.
Our solution was to use a magnetic circuit design similar to the over-tube designs but with a single diameter tube (which required development of a new joining technology).

While the concept was pretty straightforward, little guidance existed in the literature.  For that reason, we relied on magnetic modeling in the feasibility phases of the project and on design of experiments (DoE) in the latter phases.

Fig 3: Ansoft Magnetic Model


The design met all design objectives and is now in full production. Approximately a dozen new products, which incorporate this design, have been released with more to come.

Fig 2: Solenoid Force Curve