Project Examples

Below are a few samples of the kind of work that I’ve done over my career. The list is not intended to be comprehensive but more of an overview.

Please be assured that I’ve taken great care to not disclose anything proprietary.


Designed Water Injection Valve for Gas Turbine

A major producer of “gas” turbines was having problems with a water injection system used in a large number of their turbines…

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Designed and Patented Fuel Control Valve for Gas Turbine

A major producer of “gas” turbines had a multi-million dollar opportunity in India. The problem was that the fuel used in the turbine was naphthalene…

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Designed High Pressure Solenoid

Top management determined that future growth in the hydraulic valve business would largely be driven by the electro-hydraulic segment of the market. We were poorly positioned…

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Develop High Pressure Crimping Process

A key technical challenge stood in the way of our launching an important new line of solenoid products. A reliable method of joining …

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Developed New Welding Technology

Top management decided that introduction of a new high pressure line of solenoids was strategically important tot he company and should be given high priority…

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Designed Twist/Lock Manual Override

An important customer needed a manual override for one of our solenoid products. The override was a safety device and had to function reliably…

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Optimized Lapping Process for New Product Launch

For years my company used a method of refining valve seats which they referred to as croacking. On established products, croaking worked well, but new product ramp up…

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Found Skid Steer Root Cause

Sauer-Danfoss produced 15,000 skid steer loader valves a year in a production cell that ran at max capacity – three shifts, seven days a week. While they did keep a few days of backup inventory…

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Led Business Saving Value Engineering Project

Scope creep during development of an OEM flow sharing directional valve had put my employer in a negative margin position, losing over $3,000,000 per year…

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